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Give to New River CTC

All gifts to New River Community & Technical College are significant–to the students, faculty, staff, and to the future of the New River CTC experience.

Make a gift online

Make a gift to the New River Community & Technical College Foundation with a credit card via the Foundation’s secure PayPal donation form.

Partners in Success

Why does a public college require private support? – Once able to rely on state funding and tuition dollars for the majority of its revenue, New River CTC now receives less than 40% from state appropriations, and this number steadily declined over the past few years. Despite this, New River CTC is an institution of vision with vital human resources upon which the community, region, and state rely. Private support allows New River CTC to be innovative in its plans and to secure and promote its position as a leader in the state and the region. Corporate support helps fund scholarships, new facilities, professorships, and programs. The external relationship with local, national and international corporations not only contributes vital financial support to the College, but also offers corporate donors reciprocal benefits above and beyond a simple tax benefit. Today’s New River students are tomorrow’s workplace leaders.

A partnership with New River provides opportunities for corporate entities to have access to tomorrow’s leaders in business and industry. Corporate partners can help develop solutions for challenging issues by funding initiatives, providing professorships and scholarships, and helping to purchase equipment and facilities. They can maximize marketing funds to align a corporate message with a giving opportunity at the College, being showcased in local, state and national media, as well as College communications.

Corporate and Foundation Relations

New River CTC’s strength lies in the diversity of its students, faculty, and programs. As one of the largest institutions of higher education in our region, New River CTC offers something for nearly everyone. Rare is it that you find all the great opportunities (Welding, Cosmetology, Practical Nursing, Computer Science, Social Services) and so much more can be found nestled in such beautiful and supportive communities throughout southern West Virginia. Corporate and Foundation partners of New River CTC have found many ways to leverage this advantage to address their business needs.

Establish a Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of many, The New River CTC Foundation, Inc. is able to extend the opportunity to receive private scholarships to many talented and deserving students each year.

Students who receive support are chosen on the basis of criteria representing the donor’s wishes and academic guidelines of the College. Unless otherwise specified, awards may be renewed for up to four years, providing the recipients maintain eligibility standards. Endowed scholarships may be created with a minimum of $10,000 through a one-time gift, a pledge for a period of up to five years, or through a planned gift. Income distributions fund the award after the endowment has been established for at least one year. Additional gifts may be added to increase the fund principal at any time. With both endowed and pass thru scholarships, the donor has the opportunity to participate in establishing guidelines and in determining the name of the award. All gifts are made to The New River CTC Foundation, Inc. which accepts scholarship funds where selection is not based solely on any of the following criteria unless college policy indicates otherwise: race, gender, religion, handicap or national origin.

For more information about establishing a scholarship or other endowment, please contact Donna Lafferty, Administrative Associate at 304-929-6734 or email

Family Giving Campaign

We Are… Family. The potential of New River can be seen in our students and our power is in our people. New River faculty, staff, Board of Governors, and Foundation Board of Directors inspire, challenge and support our students as well as the greater educational goals of our college.

Your Donation Can Make a Personal Impact! Everyone’s been hard at work making New River CTC the best it can be and your donation will help secure needed unbudgeted items such as departmental improvements, lab equipment and fine arts supplies. Your contribution also illustrates and promotes an environment of giving and sharing, and enriches our students’
learning experiences.

Many donors choose to make unrestricted gifts which are directed where the need is greatest. Unrestricted gifts also provide flexibility which enables the Foundation to take advantage when unexpected opportunities arise. On the other hand, you may choose to personalize your gift by directing your contribution to a specific department, college fund, scholarship or other area of interest.

In addition, your gift makes you an “active” member of the New River CTC Alumni Association from the date of your gift. Your membership brings with it all the current Alumni Association benefits.

Capital Gifts

Gifts or pledges toward our capital improvement projects are recognized, in part, through naming opportunities. It is our pleasure to recognize those who financially support these projects in a public way.

We are continuously making changes and improvements to our existing facilities to accommodate new, in-demand programs or equipment. Capital and program gifts, such as lab build-outs and renovations, directly impact our academic programs. With generous private funding for these current projects, New River CTC students will be able to learn on leading-edge equipment that meets industry standards, use technology that will make them high-demand workers and provide opportunities for continued growth.

Other Ways to Give

A provision for the Foundation in a will allows for a substantial contribution without diminishing assets during one’s lifetime. Since bequests to the Foundation are deductible from the estate, tax savings may be possible. 

Cash Gifts
A cash gift, usually by personal or business check to the New River Community and Technical College Foundation may be unrestricted or restricted to a specific purpose of the campaign.

Charitable Gift Annuity

When you give the Foundation a gift of money, stocks, bonds or other liquid assets, the Foundation will pay you or a beneficiary a fixed amount on a regular basis until death. A large portion of this income is tax-free, and you also receive a charitable deduction for part of the gift. This is appropriate for gifts of $50,000 and above.

Charitable Lead Trust

Another method of giving to the Foundation for a term of years during the life of an individual is through a Charitable Lead Trust. Income is paid to the Foundation each year during the life of the trust. When the trust terminates, the assets revert to the donor or another beneficiary.

Matching Gift
Check to see if your spouse’s employer matches employee donations to qualified nonprofit organizations like the Foundation. Some even double or triple employee gifts.

The Foundation accepts equipment that can be of some use by the College or can be sold quickly. It is best to contact the Office of Institutional Advancement to discuss potential equipment before making such a gift. An appraisal for equipment contributions over $5,000 will be necessary.

Life Insurance

The gift of a life insurance policy to the Foundation will provide the donor with a charitable contribution for the present cash surrender value; contributions made for premiums paid after the transfer are also tax-deductible.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust may be used to provide the donor or loved one with a fixed annual income or an income which varies with the value of the trust. A portion of the trust qualifies for an income tax deduction. At the death of the last beneficiary, the assets in the trust are distributed to the Foundation to be used as the donor has designated. This is appropriate for gifts of $50,000 or more.

Personal Property

Works of art, books, vehicles, etc., are considered gifts of personal property. Your deduction will depend on the appraised value and how the gift will be used by the Foundation.

Real Estate

A donor may give a residence, land, or other real property (that is not subject to a mortgage), to the Foundation as an outright gift or with the individual retaining the right to occupy the property for life. A gift of the remainder interest in a personal residence or farm provides the donor with a current income tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest and also permits the donor to eliminate capital gains taxes on the appreciation. We prefer that you contact us during the early stages of your planning so we can jointly decide on the best use of the property by the Foundation.

Retirement Savings

Naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a portion of your retirement funds is another option. Be sure to contact the administrator or person in charge of your IRA, Profit Sharing Account, or other retirement plan to list the Foundation.

Stocks and Bonds

A gift of long-term appreciated securities has two major advantages: (1) it provides the donor with an immediate income tax deduction, and (2) it eliminates capital gains taxes to the extent allowed by tax law. If you have stock losses, generally you should not contribute the stock, but rather sell the stock yourself to realize the loss for tax purposes. You can then contribute the cash and take a charitable donation.


Your will can include gifts in the form of: cash, stocks, bonds, real estate or personal property, a specified percentage of your estate, the balance of your estate after family members have been taken care of.

Sponsor the New River CTC Invitational

The New River New River CTC Invitational began as the New River CTC Shootout in January 2019 as a one-day event to showcase area high school boys basketball teams, provide financial support for participating high school athletic programs, and raise needed funds for student scholarships. Five years later, the event has expanded to five days of basketball and grown to include twenty-two area high school boys and girls teams. The annual event happens the first week of January and has several different levels of sponsorship opportunities.