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Gifts or pledges toward our capital improvement projects are recognized, in part, through naming opportunities. It is our pleasure to recognize those who financially support these projects in a public way.

We are continuously making changes and improvements to our existing facilities to accommodate new, in-demand programs or equipment. Capital and program gifts, such as lab build-outs and renovations, directly impact our academic programs. With generous private funding for these current projects, New River CTC students will be able to learn on leading-edge equipment that meets industry standards, use technology that will make them high-demand workers and provide opportunities for continued growth.

LEFT: New River CTC Professor Emeritus Dr. Lucie Refsland celebrates with family and friends the unveiling of a Greenbrier Hall step dedicated to her and her husband’s generosity to the College.

Space/Academic Designation Minimum Amount Definition
Campus Complex $2,500,000 Group of buildings in a designated area of a campus
Building $1,000,000 Single structure on a campus
Academic Division $1,000,000 Groups of study identified in Educational Master Plan*
Named Department Chair $1,000,000 Department leader’s partial salary, funded by endowed gift(s)
Named Faculty Chair $500,000 Rotating honor and salary supplement for faculty member in a specific department
Library $500,000 Designated area within, not comprising an entire, building
Lobby, Reception Area $250,000 Public space large enough for gatherings, usually on first floor
Auditorium $250,000 Performance space equipped with sound, lighting and other technical equipment with permanent audience seating
Veranda, Terrace, Patio $100,000
Campus Street $100,000 Roadway entirely on campus property
Café, Food Court $75,000 Food service and seating area
Student Commons $50,000 Area designated for students to study, relax, meet
Executive Conference Room $50,000 Room furnished for meetings with table, comfortable seating and audio-visual equipment
Greenbrier Hall Entrance Step **$50,000 Brass plaque on vertical plane of step
Laboratory $50,000 Classroom and equipment for science and health hands-on instruction
Computer Lab $25,000 Classroom with computer stations at each seat, open for use when class is not in session
Classroom $25,000 Standard room for instruction with tables, chairs and audio-visual equipment
Student Success Center $25,000 Intake and counseling area
Faculty, Staff or Student Conference Room $25,000 Meeting room smaller than Executive Conference Room with more modest furnishings
Space/Academic Designation Minimum Amount Definition
Faculty or Staff Office $10,000 Permanent work space for faculty and staff
Student Group Office $10,000 Space reserved for student organizations
Landscaped Area $10,000 Distinctly delineated area of plantings or outdoor ornamentation

* Business and Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and Communication, Technical Studies and Workforce Education, Health Services.

**Cumulative Gifts

Other naming opportunities may be available, and minimum values must be established and approved by the Board of Governors of the college.

In recognition of other significant gifts, pledges or contributions, the following properties may be designated at the discretion of the donor(s) and as approved by the college President.

Space/Academic Designation Minimum Amount Definition
Student Study Carrell $5,000 Semi-private study area in Library
Bench $1,000 Interior or exterior permanent seating
Auditorium Seat $500 Permanent seat within auditorium
Campus Tree $500 Planting in honor or memory of an individual(s)
Sidewalk Brick or Wall Tile Varies by site; maximum $150 Standard size, engraved brick or other construction finishing material