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We Are… Family

The potential of New River can be seen in our students and our power is in our people. New River faculty, staff, Board of Governors, and Foundation Board of Directors inspire, challenge and support our students as well as the greater educational goals of our college.

Your Donation Can Make a Personal Impact

Everyone’s been hard at work making New River CTC the best it can be and your donation will help secure needed unbudgeted items such as departmental improvements, lab equipment and fine arts supplies. Your contribution also illustrates and promotes an environment of giving and sharing, and enriches our students’ learning experiences.

Many donors choose to make unrestricted gifts which are directed where the need is greatest. Unrestricted gifts also provide flexibility which enables the Foundation to take advantage when unexpected opportunities arise. On the other hand, you may choose to personalize your gift by directing your contribution to a specific department, college fund, scholarship or other area of interest.

In addition, your gift makes you an “active” member of the New River CTC Alumni Association from the date of your gift. Your membership brings with it all the current Alumni Association benefits.

Families are welcome at the Scholarship Banquet Awards Ceremony and many scholarship recipients are supporting children while attending school at New River CTC.

 Make Every Dollar COUNT!

We know that each day you already make a substantial contribution to campus life through the energy and effort you put into the professional way you fulfill your responsibilities. Whether working directly with students or caring for facilities and our beautiful campus, you make a real difference–and you help make New River a better place for us all. Your financial contribution is another important way to demonstrate your investment in New River CTC and its students.

Giving is a personal decision, and each New River donor makes a difference. The reasons for giving are diverse, but each reflects a sincere belief in the work being done here at New River, and your participation in the Family Campaign is a vote of confidence in our College and its future. Your gift reflects a sense of partnership and pride on campus and beyond. This year, as you think about what matters most to you at New River, please give to help make it happen. Your contributing and being involved are truly meaningful, and every gift–no matter the size–is important and sincerely appreciated. 

New River CTC Needs Your Support!

Faculty and staff support promote increased alumni and community support
Every dollar makes a difference to the students you’re interacting with every day
Students view faculty/staff contributors in a different light — as true partners
Your participation counts, no matter the amount of your contribution
Donate and become an active member of the New River CTC Alumni Association
Support the area of your choice
Your gift is 100% tax-deductible *
Your gift strengthens New River CTC and a stronger New River CTC enjoys greater regional and state prestige